5-Function Homecare Bed

5-Function Homecare Bed

Краткое описание: 5 functions:Height adjustment: 250-650mm back section: 0-75 °Adjustable leg plate: 0-35 °Trendelenburg: 0-13 °Anti- Trendelenburg: 0-13 °CPR function Capacity loading: 200KG1.Ultra-low design, Min he... Подробнее
Product Code: AG-W001
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5 functions:

Height adjustment: 250-650mm back section: 0-75 °

Adjustable leg plate: 0-35 °

Trendelenburg: 0-13 °

Anti- Trendelenburg: 0-13 °

CPR function Capacity loading: 200KG

1.Ultra-low design, Min height 250mm

2.One set of Linak control system with 4 Linak Motors,Linak handheld operator and Linak spare battery

3.Night sight handheld operator and nightlight

4.Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) function

5.Seat design on back and foot section

6.Segmented Aluminum guardrail

7.Carried Japanese steel standard for bed frame

8.Wooden headboard and footboard

9.Wooden bed frame around

10.Four pieces electrostatic spraying mesh bed board

11.Custom-made steel bolt pin

12.8 diameter 125mm Secure double silent castors

13.The height-adjustable stainless steel infusion stand

14.The four corners are equipped with infusion stand slots,lifting pole slots and orthopedic frame slots

15.Colors optional: maple and walnut color

Optional accessories:

1.lifting pole

2.optional mattress 1628 Three function manual homecare bed AG- WS001 Three function: Height adjustment: 350-600