Vacuum Suction Machine

Vacuum Suction Machine

Краткое описание: 1. Max vacuum : ≥0.09MPa (680mmHg)2. Adjustable vacuum range : 0.02MPa~0.09MPa(150~680mmHg)3. Flow rate:≥32L/Min4. Noise:≤60dB(A)5. Storage bottles:2500mL×2(glass)6. Power supply : AC220V 50Hz7. Inpu... Подробнее
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1. Max vacuum : ≥0.09MPa (680mmHg)

2. Adjustable vacuum range : 0.02MPa~0.09MPa(150~680mmHg)

3. Flow rate:≥32L/Min

4. Noise:≤60dB(A)

5. Storage bottles:2500mL×2(glass)

6. Power supply : AC220V 50Hz

7. Input :150VA

8. Dimension :400mm×380mm×470mm

9. G.W./N.W.: 14kg/12kg

1. An oil-less vacuum pump, double piston cylinder with a high flow, high vacuum, the pump needs maintenance free.

2. Move smoothly and freely with a swing-type pull handle; the accessory-case for placing foot-switch and power supply wire makes it convenient for movement or storage.

3. Large-bore and large capacity bottles with stopper having sealing ring, easy to clean and to open or close.

4. The overflow protection device is intended to prevent liquid or solid particles form entering the intermediate tubing and pump.

5. Transparent non-toxic PVC hoses and unique connections are easy to observe and link.

6. The level of vacuum required in clinic can be controlled by adjusting the regulator knob, and a synchronized indication on the vacuum meter.

7. Stability and durability, low noise, safe and reliable to operate.