X ray film processor

X ray film processor

Краткое описание: 1. Size of the processor film::4"*4"-14"*17"2. Process time::105/135/165s3. Develop time::25/35/45s4.Film feed mode:U-slot5.Film sensing mode:micro switch6. Develop temperature::Adjustble28 -37degree... Подробнее
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1. Size of the processor film::4"*4"-14"*17"

2. Process time::105/135/165s

3. Develop time::25/35/45s

4.Film feed mode:U-slot

5.Film sensing mode:micro switch

6. Develop temperature::Adjustble28 -37degree(plus or minus0.3 )

7. Developing Capacity::80p/h (14"*17"); 145p/h(10"*12")

8. Dryer temperature::40-65degree

9. Channel volume:;Develop\Fixer\Water\each 5.2litres

10.Water developing control mode:solenoid vavle control

11.Anti-oxidation function:60mins interval

12.Anti-crystallization function::20mins interval

13. Washing Control :water 2~8L/min when rinsh

14. Replenishment::Auto./manual 20~200ml/for 0.5s.q.m

Power Supply:220V±10%,50/60Hz,8.8A single-phase